CR-V 2024

New CR-V Hybrid

Meet our largest SUV to date. With a new and robust design, luxurious interior and intuitive technology, it shows the way forward. And for the first time, it is available in two models: The CR-V e:HEV full hybrid and the CR-V e:PHEV, plug-in hybrid.

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All-new ZR-V hybrid

Get ready for the sophisticated, all-new Honda ZR-V e:HEV. Our sportiest hybrid SUV ever.



Honda e:Ny1
Meet Honda's first electric SUV.

This vehicle combines a bold and fluid appearance with a state-of-the-art powertrain, complemented by a sophisticated and refined interior.

The e:Ny1 is the emission-free vehicle for the new generation.


Honda Civic Delivery

Our iconic Civic has exceeded all expectations.
The launch of the 11th generation, equipped with full hybrid technology, attractive design and exceptional performance, has been a success.
Due to higher-than-expected customer demand and current supply chain disruptions, however,
Honda is temporarily not taking new customer orders for the new Civic e:HEV.

HR-V Hybrid Coming Soon

  • Popular, small SUV, standard equipped with Honda's hybrid technology with two engines