Maintaining your Honda

Your vehicle lasts a long time. But you always benefit from regularly to give some extra attention by him.

Maintenance and repair

All our vehicles are built with three criteria: reliability, safety and sustainability as a priority. But just like any other vehicle has a Honda every now and then also what extra attention. The expert mechanics of your local Honda dealer use latest technology during the maintenance of your car. So you get the most out of your investment, you can restrict your current expenditure and carefree venture out.

The importance of proper maintenance

A Honda is an investment and to get the most out of its quality and reliability to get, he has occasionally need a good overhaul. And that pays off! By to keep your car in top working condition, you protect your investment and you can expect a higher resale value and optimum performance.

Maintenance Frequency

Your car would not be a Honda if we would not have him with a particularly useful technological tour de force. The Honda Service Reminder system of your car makes it easy for you and tells you which component is defective and when you should go to your local dealer for maintenance.