Honda Assistance

We take care of you and your car ... long after you drove it home for the first time. With our Honda Road Assistance you can sleep on both ears. If anything happens to you on the road, we're here to help you.


Need help? We're here for you.

Honda Road Assistance is available 24/7 and that is available all year round, even if you are in another European country.

Our road assistance includes:

  • Honda Home Assistance

    If your car is in a breakdown at home, we will send a specially assigned mechanic to your home address.

  • Honda Recovery Assistance

    If we are unable to repair your car at the moment, we will arrange transport for you, your car and up to four passengers to any location.

  • Honda Message Service

    If an accident happens, we will inform a family member or colleague. We'll let them know where you are and that you're safe. You can count on that.

  • Honda European Assistance

    Even if you are unlucky abroad (within Europe), we are happy to help you. If we can't repair your car along the road, we'll drag your car to the nearest Honda distributor or approved garage.

Honda Assistance applies during the warranty period:

  • Automatic at the 1st normal registration in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of a new Honda car, after purchase from an approved Honda distributor in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Free for 3 years.


Honda Assistance Plus in Europe

After the 3-year warranty period, your authorized Honda distributor can grant a 12-month extension of Honda Assistance to your Honda car maintained by a licensed Honda distributor according to honda maintenance specifications.

In that case we speak of Honda Assistance Plus.

With Honda Assistance Plus, your car is in good hands! This package is available after servicing your Honda car at an authorized Honda dealer for the mere price of €76 instead of the fair market value of an assistance service with replacement car, which today is €157 on an annual basis.

In short, a year of carefree driving again, apart from the age of the car, the number of kilometres of the car, and you enjoy a very large brand assistance that even helps you with breakdowns caused by your own fault (wrong fuel, loss of keys ...).

Honda Assistance Plus is not liable for revenue.



The mobility service is part of the Honda driving pleasure!



  • Assistance for your Honda car
  • Roadside assistance, 24 hours a day at 24 when immobilization by:
  • Breakdown, including flat tire, key loss, wrong choice of fuel, fire and vandalism
  • Accident
  • Theft or attempted theft.
  • Replacement car (only valid in case of breakdown)
  • Towing after breakdown or accident: your car cannot be made ready to drive on site within a reasonable period of time, Honda Assistance transports your car to a licensed Honda distributor.



No matter where you are in Europe. In all European countries as validly indicated on your green insurance card.

  • Towing : If your car cannot be repaired on the spot after breakdown or accident, it will be towed to the nearest Honda distributor. If there is no Honda distributor within a radius of 100 km, your car will be towed to a licensed garage.
  • Repair : Depending on the time frame within which your car can be prepared to drive (within 2 working days or more), Honda Assistance provides: sending spare parts, intervention in overnight or replacement costs, repatriation of the car, return journey occupants...

Contact Honda Assistance at +32 (0)3 253 68 58. For all models OUTSIDE Honda e, HR-V e:HEV, Civic e:HEV and Jazz e:HEV


Enjoy extra assistance for your Honda from model 2023!!! 

You can reach it via the Honda+ app. or via +32 (0)2 585 54 33