Our philosophy. Your Honda.

Built with joy joy by to give ... that is what it is all about at Honda.

Dreams that come true

At Honda, we strive for perfection in each car, so he is reliable and completely adapted to your lifestyle. Technique and development are in our genes. That is why we have a lot of attention to the little things. If you with your Honda home drives, we want you to experience the same joy as when we built him.

"An engineer who contributed to the world delivers good products to build, is an integer person."-Soichiro Honda, our founder

Technology on a human scale

In our approach we are always guided by an eagerness to learn. So we learn constantly and our technology is always on the m

ove.Our intelligent robot, Asimo, is symbolic of this constant progress. Our philosophy remains woven into everything we do. Of the first Honda car that we built in 1963 to our four-stroke outboard motors, electric lawn mowers and intelligent moto

rcycles.By the experiences we gain in one sector, we get new ideas for other. The proof of this is our Magic Seats, the advanced innovations such as driver assistance system (ADAS) and our i-VTEC engines. But this is just the beginning. We do not know what awaits us, but we're already excited.

The bigger picture

Just as important as our latest technologies is our ecological footprint.

Therefore, we actively seek and develop ideas where our world is better.

One example is the Auto start-stop. The engine will be disabled if you are in the file or for a red light State and thus will save you fuel. Our groundbreaking Earth Dreams Technology is another example. This allows for engines with high performance and low emissions at

the same time.We develop technology that benefit our planet, making us more than ever can enjoy our time on Earth.

Live there Honda for.

But we don't stop here

Our carbon footprint is important in everything we do. That also applies to our plants. Honda Marysville (California), where possible, use of rain water which we save every year 150,000 tons of tap water.

Always on your side

Our vehicles are built for reliability. We would not, if we are not really Honda all thought. Of our guarantees up to 24/7 wegbijstand ... with our carefully devised services you can relax.