These are the dynamic, advanced Jazz and the sporty Jazz Crosstar. We have promised to make solid progress in the field of electric cars. The Honda Jazz is equipped with a hybrid drive with two engines that ensure responsive, smooth and efficient driving behaviour.

  • Hybrid drives


  • Super versatile

    Magic Seats


    Discover the all-new Honda Jazz and Honda Jazz Crosstar.

    The throbbing heart of the completely new Jazz is the new hybrid drive. The Honda Jazz is responsive thanks to its seamless power output. It is smooth thanks to its advanced direct transmission and its refined, comfortable interior. And it is efficient thanks to the latest technology that guarantees low emission levels and high efficiency.  So you can quietly enjoy an absolutely safe driving experience in a car that delivers optimal performance. 


    The completely new Jazz and Jazz Crosstar have the same, advanced hybrid drive, but have different personalities.  You can prefer the sophisticed Jazz or the sporty Crosstar, but the real asset of both versions is their versatile driving behaviour.


    Get in the car and discover the latest innovations in connectivity and infotainment. The Honda Personal Assistant offers a high-tech helping hand. Just say "OK Honda": our new Honda CONNECT comes with a 9" touch screen, DAB digital radio, Apple CarPlay™ and Android car. If that's not enough, the My Honda+ app on your smartphone can send Points of interest to satellite navigation and also serve as a remote control for locking and unlocking the car.

    My Honda+


    The all-new Honda Jazz and Jazz Crosstar feature the latest generation of Honda SENSING driver assistance and safety features. These advanced features are standard on all versions and include automatic braking assistance in case of impact hazard, driving assistance, blind spot information and many more tools to protect you and your loved ones.

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    Find out how the all-new Honda Jazz is as advanced as outdoors inside.

    A new perspective

    The completely new Jazz and Jazz Crosstar offer a panoramic view of the road, giving the driver a real widescreen experience.  This better visibility not only gives more confidence when driving, but also offers a real safety advantage.

    Comprehensive instrumentation

    The instrument panel was designed in such a way that you can see all important information at a glance.  The horizontal, 7" TFT display replaces the meters pursued. It offers simple functionality and a spacious and high-quality experience.

    Comfortable sitting

    The front seats are wider and are equipped with fatigue-resistant establishments that are normally only equipped in limousine-class cars.  The lumbar support has been improved and the already spacious interior now offers even more legroom.  At the back, our famous Magic Seats can be configured in many ways to make way for more people or for more luggage. The upholstery in the Jazz Crosstar is waterproof and can therefore easily absorb the blows of your active lifestyle. 

    A clear display

    The Honda CONNECT 9" central screen shows the most widely used apps. You can easily and quickly select them. The apps have a color code per category so that their operation is very smooth.


    The completely new hybrid Jazz range is an important step forward.

    Hybrid vehicles will help us on the way to zero emissions. We want to achieve this end goal by providing significant improvements to each new model, by expanding our range with hybrid vehicles and continuing our way to the fully electric car.