New Hybrid performance

responsive, smooth, efficient. Those are three of the benefits that you will experience with the completely new CR-V Hybrid. The intelligent, highly advanced hybrid powertrain offers a seamless, pleasant driving experience during every ride.

The hybrid that you can feel

With the help of advanced technology, the world's most popular SUV now delivers athletic performance and low emission values.

Meet the Hybrid

Another milestone for the Honda CR-V.

The I-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) technology delivers excellent performance and outstanding efficiency. Thanks to the aerodynamic lines around a completely new chassis, this fifth generation CR-V is an SUV for real car enthusiasts. Once in the car you will find a luxurious, refined interior with the latest AIDS and infotainment, in addition to the comfort, space and versatility that the CR-V is known for.

Close up shot or Honda CR-V Hybrid logo.
Close up shot of Honda CR-V Hybrid car key.
Side facing Honda CR-V Hybrid car in street location.
Front facing shot of Honda CR-V Hybrid headlight.

Your CR-V Hybrid

Make it all yours.

There are many possibilities to make the CR-V Hybrid even more ' yours '. Choose from a variety of individual items or choose a specially formulated accessory package. So you can give your car accents that really make him ' yours '.

Front three-quarter facing Honda CR-V Hybrid car in street location.

Sleek lines, dynamic design

The new CR-V with hybrid Honda performance is aerodynamically designed, from headlight to rear light. It is a beautifully sophisticated and modern SUV with an advanced drive.


When you open the door, the pure luxury exudes you.

Once inside, you will instantly experience a space and comfort unique to the CR-V. You will almost not be able to leave it quietly to enjoy the driving experience.


Browsing the driver information Interface is child's play with the thumb buttons mounted on the steering wheel or via voice control, with a wide range of functions including: Display of text messages and e-mails, audio information, contacts in phonebook and even Intelligent maintenance information about the vehicle.

Interior Dashboard Close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid facing street location.

Over the full width of the car you will find beautifully stitched soft-touch panels.

Honda CR-V Hybrid side close-up shot or TFT display.

On the TFT colour display the driver sees all the essential information.



Distinctive lines

The drive with a hybrid has never felt so good and never looked any better.

The fifth generation Honda CR-V has a distinctive design: a sleek simplicity designed to be both stylish and functional. With this design, among other things, the air flow under the bodywork is limited, which reduces fuel consumption, minimises air resistance and reduces noise production. Apart from the functional considerations, this design also ensures that the Honda CR-V Hybrid stands out everywhere.

Tailgate with handsfree access

The electric tailgate can be programmed to stop at a height of your choice. Ideal if you are in a hurry in a car park or in a garage with a low ceiling. You can also open the tailgate with your hands full, by moving your foot under the rear bumper. Easy, isn't it? * Onl
y available on Executive version

Side view close up or Honda CR-V Hybrid logo.
Side View Honda CR-V Hybrid hands free boot technology.

Even the loading becomes easier, because you can open with your hands full of the tailgate by moving your foot under the rear bumper.

Directly connected

The CR-V Hybrid chooses the optimal mode to always provide a responsive, efficient driving experience.

The car has a 2.0 liter Atkinson petrol engine and two electric motors, an electric drive motor and an electric generator, for optimum performance in gasoline mode or in electric or hybrid mode. The CR-V uses no conventional transmission, but is equipped with a single, fixed gear, to give the driver a smooth sense of ability and confidence: this is a hybrid that you can feel.

Front facing three quarter Honda CR-V Hybrid car in street location.

A self-thinking system

The intelligent Multi-Mode Drive system always offers excellent performance and economy.

The I-MMD technology ensures that the car always uses its energy as efficiently as possible. That is to say that the CR-V hybrid seamlessly switches between the three rijmodi: Electric Drive, Hybrid drive and Engine drive. When driving in the mode Electric drive the car gives a warning signal, so quiet is this car. You can still manually extend the driving time in Electric Drive in certain driving conditions by pressing the EV Mode button on the dashboard. If you are looking for a more dynamic drive feel, Sport Mode offers a more active driving experience.

Close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid powertrain system.
Front facing close up or Honda CR-V Hybrid Atkinson Cycle petrol engine.

The 2.0 litre Atkinson Cycle petrol engine works together with two electric motors, one for the drive and one for power generation, steered by the intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (-MMD) system.








Effortless driving

Enjoy your ride, while the Honda CR-V determines the most dynamic and efficient way to bring you to your destination.

It is an innovative system that allows the gasoline engine to operate as often as possible in the optimal power range. In combination with ECON mode This results in an extremely economical vehicle.

Close up or Honda CR-V Hybrid interior console.

The Rijmodus select via the transmission button on the dashboard.

Close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid Interior view facing street location.

In some situations, the CR-V uses all three of the motors to provide the best performance, i.e. a triple boost, while fuel consumption is kept as low as possible.








Safety standards

Honda Sensing is an advanced safety package that keeps you and your passengers safe on the road.

Side facing Honda CR-V Hybrid in street location.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

In the case of an imminent collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian, this system warns against the danger and reduces the speed to reduce the severity of a collision.

Lane Departure Warning

If the car deviates from its lane without specifying direction, you will be alerted audible and visible so that you become aware of the situation.

Road Departure Mitigation

A camera that is mounted on the windscreen observes whether the car is likely to get out of the way and uses electronic power steering to apply subtle corrections to keep your car on the road. Under certain conditions the system can also exercise brake pressure.

Lane keeping Assist System

This system helps you stay in the middle of your lane, for a less stressful driving experience, by limiting the need for steering corrections and Rijinspanningen on the highway.

Verkeersbord recognition

The Verkeersbord recognition system recognizes traffic signs and displays this information on the on-board computer screen. Two traffic signs can be displayed at the same time. Intelligent Speed Limiter

Intelligent Speed Limiter

Cleverly combines the existing adjustable speed limiter with Verkeersbord recognition to automatically tune the top speed to the maximum allowable rate of verkeersbord recognition.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

This system detects when a vehicle on an adjacent lane will insert for you and adjusts the speed of your CR-V in advance. It also helps you to maintain the distance between you and the car for you, so you don't have to adjust your speed.