Wegveiligheids test

You and your Honda in optimal safety, there we strive for in everything. To be reassured that you are well protected, we offer regular wegveiligheids tests for your new car.

Take the test

What is a wegveiligheids test?

During this test, the safety, emissions and General rijwaardigheid of your vehicle checked. We usually recommend to to test this in a garage approved by Honda because we know every Honda car.

When this test happens?

The test is usually performed once a year. This means, therefore, that a whole year you peace of mind.

What does the check in?

Just like a comprehensive check-up at the doctor, inside and outside thoroughly inspected. To ensure an optimal road safety, the steering wheel, brakes, seat belts, and much more controlled. Because we want to make sure that you always feel perfectly safe in your Honda.