News about the electric Honda range in 2023

Honda wants to make cars equipped with advanced, electric powertrains and every new car should bring us one step closer to our electric vision of a low-carbon society. By 2022, Honda will have completed its task and all common models throughout Europe will have an electric drive.

The electric Honda range

The electric Honda range is powered by our proprietary technology that offers an electric driving experience across a range of all-electric (EV), self-charging full hybrid (e:HEV) and plug-in hybrid (e:PHEV) models.

 Small Honda SUV - Full Electric

All-New Compact SUV - Full Electric

At the heart of Honda's future range of battery vehicles (EV) is this all-new, all-electric small SUV coming to market in 2023. With its unique combination of dynamics, technology and design, this car will be an excellent choice for a first EV for the family.

Honda Compact SUV – e:HEV Full Hybrid

Complementing the already strong range of e:HEVs, including the HR-V and CR-V, Honda will expand its range of self-charging, fully hybrid cars in 2023 with a new, mid-size, sporty and dynamic compact SUV. More details will follow soon. 

The all-new CR-V e:HEV Full Hybrid and e:PHEV Plug-In Hybrid SUV

In 2023, Honda will launch the all-new CR-V that will be available with several electric powertrains for the first time. The new CR-V e:HEV will continue to be available as a self-charging, full hybrid, but Honda will present the CR-V e:PHEV, a plug-in hybrid version of its most popular large SUV, for the first time in Europe. You can find more updates on these models later.