What can we expect?

Exciting new updates. A few nice little surprises. And also a huge Wow factor. You will be very happy with the tempting new Honda cars that we will be introducing soon.

A bright future

Two-thirds of the cars that will be sold in Europe in 2025, are electrically powered.


The brand new HR-V will soon be available. The car was completely redrawn and it has now become a compact and very spacious coupe-style SUV equipped with our unique and innovative e:HEV hybrid powertrain. Stay in touch to get regular updates.


Front view Honda HR-V Hybrid

A perfect line

With the new HR-V, Honda is taking a big step forward. The clean, seamless lines create a bold new design that creates a tough yet stylish personality.

e:HEV detail Honda HR-V Hybrid

No power outlet needed

Our intelligent, self-charging e:HEV hybrid powertrain combines highly efficient fuel consumption with exciting performance you can really feel.

Design interior Honda HR-V Hybrid

A sense of space

The HR-V offers the widest interior in its class. With our unique Magic Seats design, you can create even more space in this flexible interior.

Honda HR-V Hybrid Air Change System

A fresh airflow

The HR-V is equipped with a new system that creates a fresh airflow to give you and your passengers an open and spacious feeling.


We pursue a twofold goal: optimizing the enjoyment of driving and reducing emissions. After all, we want to guarantee a cleaner future without adversely affecting performance. The new HR-V is the next step in fulfilling our big dream: an all-electric range in 2022.