Formula 1

In 1964 we did the world with our own F1 race car. In 1965 we let see that we had a winner's mentality.

Models celebrate Honda's first formula 1 victory.

Our first checkered flag of formula 1

The engine of the RA 272 Formula-1 car was based on technologies of our racing engines.

It was going to be a 1.5-liter V12 engine – nothing more than 125 cc TT-12 engines, placed in a V-shape! We have the engine from side to side in the chassis, which is also something completely new at the time.

On August 24, 1965, the second year that we participated in the competition, we took place during the Mexican Grand Prix at the start, with driver Richie Ginther behind the wheel of the RA 272. Would our advanced new engine and chassis design make the difference? That did it for sure. We won our first victory in formula 1.

Our winning formula for formula 1

Ayrton Senna won the world title in 1989 and obtained the second place – Alain Prost a Honda one-two punch!

This was the first season after the introduction of the new engine regulations, with a transition from turbo-to atmospheric engines.

McLaren-Honda was winner of the season with a record of 11 WINS in a row. That was good enough to the World Championship for manufacturers on our name to write.

Race technology on the road

Just as he made sure that McLaren-Honda the F1 stage far obtained, helped Ayrton Senna a hand in the development of the prototype of the on the F1-inspired Honda NSX.

A super light chassis

The car body, the chassis and suspension were all made of aluminum. The 3-liter V6 engine with 24 valves (VTEC) 274 HP and is placed in the Middle, just like in a formula 1 car.

A good first impression

Unveiled at the Chicago Motor Show in 1989, this was a car that immediately drew comparisons with Ferrari – both because of his looks as his performance.

A new generation of engines

The powerful 3-liter V6 engine was our first commercially produced engine that had over race technology-our successful VTEC. We have the engine from side to side in the chassis, which is also something completely new at the time.

Type R

The spiciest hatchback is not strayed far astray of the circuit.

The Type R is all the way back to the RA 272 Formula-1-the first Honda car, which won a Grand Prix. This great car, wrapped in kampioenswitte lak, echoed in all our Type R models that we have made. The ' R ' stands for racing, and was first used for the Honda NSX Type R in 1992. Then we have a number of produced. Each introduction is a festive event, and the latest version where we can paste, the legendary logo on the Civic Type R, drive on the road by 2015.

The legendary red emblem of our Type R-the symbol for us race monster on the road.

The other side of Honda: Civic Type R, presented in 2015.

Honda winner of the World Solar Challenge

Our winning combination? The power of dreams and the power of the Sun.

In november 1996, left 46 cars on solar energy from Darwin, on the way to Adelaide, about 3000 km southward. The first car arrived in Adelaide, the Honda Dream, established a new record with an average speed of 89.9 km per hours spread out over the four days.

The race of now

We have always raced, and we will always continue racing.

Honda is now one of the top teams in the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), and by 2015, we are again at the start of the F1.

All games which we participate-whether or not getting the checkered flag-are a victory for Honda, because every time we can race, we again learn something new about our cars. And what we learn, we apply to the Honda cars where you drive.