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Financing at competitive price.

You want to shut down a car loan? You enjoy razor-sharp rates for cars. You pay a fixed monthly amount (cars) with a maturity of up to 84 months.


  • Competitive rates: borrow for a car via Paddock Motors is choosing for competitive rates. We are happy to provide a customized proposal.
  • Financing up to 110% of the purchase price: you do not need to pay deposit. You can view the full sum funding.
  • Longer duration: you can, depending on the size of the loan amount, opt for a maturity of up to 84 months. Also here, we help you for the most appropriate term.


Car loan if you regularly want to change of vehicle: Light funding

You want to buy a new car, but a smaller sum pay off monthly. This is possible with a Light formula. You pay at the end of the term the remaining amount back. You choose a duration between 24 and 60 months. The Light auto loan is also possible for cars up to 3 years old!


  • Lower monthly repayments: you have every month over a larger budget. Use your money not only for your car loan, but also for other issues.
  • No advance: because you on the end of the term the residual value can pay, you do not need to pay deposit.
  • Regularly changing car: on the end of the term you can sell your car to pay the remaining amount. You can also create a new loan to pay the residual value.

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Please note that borrowing money costs money too.