The project vehicle and the adjustments:

The project vehicle is a black Honda Civic Coupé 1.6 i LS 6th generation of the year 1996, which was then sold for a new price of approximately €18 000. These were the years when the coupé-body work was popular and there were rivals such as the Toyota Celica. It was the first generation in the Civic series where a Type-R model was available. This is one of the iconic generation models Honda has released earlier. Honda cars are and were not only reliable cars, Honda also stands for very innovative and progressive. This older model along with many other models is still loved by the Honda enthusiasts!

Technical Data Standard:

Engine: 4-cil. In line SOHC (D16Y7) (1590cc) bore x Stroke: 75 mm x 90 mmCompressieverhouding: 9.4:1Vermogen and torque: 77 kw at 6200 NB/140 nm at 4500 OpmGemeten power and torque: 73.08 KW at 5222 nb/132.1 nm at 3168 note

Transmission: 5 Gears manual gearbox which aandrijftOverbrengingen the fronts: 1st: 3.25:1/2nd: 1.90:1/3rd: 1.25:1/4th: 0.94:1/5e: 0.77:1/Backward: 3.15:1/FINAL transmission: 05:10 – 100 km/h: 10.1 s

Suspension: Wheel suspension for: Independent double wishbone with screw springs and Stabilisatorstang Wielophanging rear: Independent double wishbone with coil springs without Stabilisatorstang turning: 10 m

Brake system: Brake system for: ventilated brake Discs without ABSRemsysteem rear: drum brakes without ABSGewicht: With driver: 1100 kg

Fuel consumption and emission values: fuel: Gasoline fuel Content: 45 LInjectiesysteem: Sequential injection Average fuel consumption: 7 L/100 KmGemeten Average Fuel consumption: 8.1 L/100 KmEmissienorm: Euro 2-CO ² emission: 173 g/km- CO emission: 0.6610 g/km-HC + NOx emission: 0.0460 g/km