We designed the car of the future by looking at the past. Reminiscent of the very first Honda Civic, the Honda e has a retro look with simple, smooth surfaces


When ideas come together.

We designed the Honda e by looking at everything critically: Can we have different headlights and taillights? Where do we put the direction indicators? How do we improve aerodynamics? This unique car is the product of all these answers – the perfect shape. Enjoyable to drive, safe and attractive to the eye. The Honda e is the embodiment of modern values and how we drive today... and in the future.

Close-up of Honda E.

Close-up of Honda E.

Outside of front of the Honda E.

Close-up of Honda e-wheel.


Integration is the key to a complete design.

The headlights, radar and camera with multiple view are all positioned on one panel. Similarly, we have combined these elements at the back: everything seems to be one. The 17" aluminium rims have specially designed cover to keep them free of brake fabric, so your Honda e looks clean for longer


The city is overloaded and crowded; The Honda e is completely the opposite.

Honda e-Interior.

The Honda e has chairs of melange fabric and offers comfort for everyone.

Step into the spacious interior of the Honda E and you are immediately closed from the hustle and bustle. It is a calm and serene environment, such as a lounge, with a light and airy interior.

Ample space

There is also no central console, so the interior feels even wider. If you sit on the comfortable chairs and pick up the wide instrument panel in you, it feels as if you are starting a smooth space journey.

Passenger comfort

The Honda e has a very spacious interior that suits everyone. The rear seats offer your passengers excellent legroom. The Honda e is one of the most spacious cars in the small car category.

Close-up of Honda e-steering wheel.

Honda e-Interior.

The interior finish provides the finishing touch and reminds us of a lounge


The Honda e comes with Honda Sensing along with a few extra features.

Notification system for departure of present car

Warns you when the driver is moving for you again. The Honda e lets you know that you can drive further.

Gas control to prevent accidents

This avoids a sudden acceleration when driving in traffic behind cars. The Honda e knows when the car is suddenly stopped for you. For example, at a roundabout where the driver can change and inhibit your mind.

Front view of Honda E.

Honda e drives backwards in parking lot

Low Speed braking function

If you are close to an object you may not have seen, the Honda e will apply the emergency brake when you are driving at low speed.











The Honda e has many innovative features, such as our Honda Parking Pilot and mirror system with side cameras that help you drive through the cit




For a better steering feel, the rear wheels are driven by a powerful electric motor. The Honda e accelerates and slows down, with regenerative braking, and is controlled by the Single Pedal Control.










The Honda e, our first purpose-built, electric car, combines stability and control with fast charging and a unique water-cooled battery system to optimise the range at high and low temperatures.










The latest technological innovation is all packaged in a simple, fluent design. The Honda e is the example of how the removal of unnecessary elements focuses attention on what is most important.