The sporty styling of the Honda Civic 5 doorcontinues to evolve to underline the excellent manoeuvrability and turbo performance. With the six-speed manual gearbox or the 7-speed CVT automatic, you really feel the way.




A car built for the real world.

The Honda Civic was built to drive, but it can do much more. It is a flexible car that you can easily customize according to your special needs.

The Civic range was expanded with the new Executive Sport Pack. With 1.0 L VTEC turbocharged engines, sporty 17" alloy wheels and a tailgate with racing allures, the look becomes as exciting as driving. Be sure to follow the updates for the Honda Civic Sport Pack.

Close-up of Honda CONNECT infotainment system.

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The new Civic 5 door demands attention everywhere.

Rear view Honda Civic.

There's no doubt about this. With its flowing athletic lines, this car is made to perform. Especially the redrawn bumpers and led headlights stand out and underline the low aerodynamic profile. Every inch of this car is really designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Side view Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic Executive also has new sporty 17 alloy wheels.


A car that is specially adapted to your driving style, but which also perfectly meets all the usual requirements.


Super efficient engines and a lighter chassis to give you the ultimate control.

Our latest Civic delivers performance that perfectly matches its sporty looks. You can choose between two refined petrol engines, the powerful 182 hp 1.5 VTEC Turbo and the efficient 126 hp 1.0 VTEC Turbo. Each engine offers at least a particularly exciting driving experience.

Choose your own pace

The Civic 5 door offers the driving experience that suits you perfectly. For lovers of a manual transmission, the Civic 5-door has a smooth 6-speed gearbox that switches between all gears and exactly.

Motorway at sunset

The sporty VTEC turbo performance and direct manoeuvrability, combined with the low, aerodynamic profile, give the Civic a snappy character.

Quiet driving

With the petrol models, the 7-speed CVT automatic is especially suitable for relaxed driving. You get powerful and linear acceleration, and if you're really in a sporty mood, you can use the gear paddles on the steering wheel to get the feeling that you're in a race car.

Eco button

Fuel consumption can still be reduced in ECON mode.


Comfort and safety go hand in hand.

Production quality is part of Honda's DNA. The leather upholstery option has therefore been extensively and thoroughly tested to meet the highest leather and production requirements and complies with all safety regulations. By using the best raw materials around the world, our leather is one of the most luxurious and high-quality varieties to be found.

Close-up leather chairs Civic 5-door design on laptop

Close-up leather seats Civic 5-door upholstery

Close-up leather seats Civic 5-door upholstery

Side view leather chairs Civic 5-door design