The sporty styling of the Honda Civic 5 doorcontinues to evolve to underline the excellent manoeuvrability and turbo performance. With the six-speed manual gearbox or the 7-speed CVT automatic, you really feel the way.



Completely redesigned with a new generation of engines for ultimate control.

The Civic 5 door features a lighter and stiffer chassis, which ensures even more lively driving. There are two turbocharged petrol engines and there is a new, responsive 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine; all available with a manual or automatic transmission.

Three-quarters front view Honda Civic. City location.

The art of design

The Civic 5 door demands attention everywhere.

Rear view Honda Civic.

The first thing you will notice is the low and aerodynamic profile. There is no doubt that this car, with its flowing athletic lines, is made to perform.

Perfectly shaped

At the front, the large air intakes and the narrow grid at the front give the car an aggressive character. Everything flows slowly into each other, from the side of the car, over the roof to the wide tailgate. It goes without saying why every inch of this car is designed to drive.



Side view Honda Civic.
Front view Honda Civic.

The view from the inside

The sporty experience continues with design accents such as the illuminated digital speedometer, alloy pedals and the leather steering wheel. This environment is also designed with an eye for comfort, with a generous legroom, soft quality materials and luxurious seats.

More boot

The versatile 60:40 shareable and fold-down rear seat enlarges the Civic's luggage compartment. In combination with the wide tailgate – which makes loading and unloading a lot easier – this creates an unprecedentedly generous cargo space.

Three-quarters rear view Honda Civic - photo of trunk.

It is easy to organize the Civic's boot so that you can put stuff in all shapes and sizes.

View of driver on dashboard Honda Civic.

The driver's compartment is perfectly arranged for all driving conditions. From this position, the Civic provides excellent feedback and control, so you can enjoy a pleasant sporty driving experience.

Well connected

Stay connected to everything you love, like your favorite music and your friends.

Close-up of Honda CONNECT infotainment system with Garmin navigation.

*Only certain versions. Apple CarPlay® features, applications, and services may not be available in all locations and are subject to change.

Using Bluetooth® or USB, you can access information and playlists on your smartphone. You can also transfer your phone's interface – via Apple CarPlay® – to the 7" touchscreen to access apps so you can make calls and send and receive messages*.

More connections

The pre-installed, Internet-based AHA™ audio player also lets you connect to your favorite music stations, podcasts, and news services. If the engine is idling, you can even watch a movie via HDMI.

Close-up Honda CONNECT infotainment system with Apple Carplay®.

More power

They are lighter and more efficient, this new generation of engines.

Our latest Civic delivers the performance that suits its sporty looks. You can choose from the two refined petrol engines - the powerful 182 hp 1.5 VTEC TURBO and the 129 hp 1.0 VTEC TURBO - and the all-new, snappy 120 hp 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine. Whichever you choose, there's an exciting driving experience ahead of you.

Cheap driving

Designed to deliver maximum power from a small capacity, they both feature our Earth Dreams technology, which provides a perfect balance between athletic performance and economy. They offer a high level of sensation and low fuel consumption.

Three-quarters front view Honda Civic. City location at night.

Choose your own pace

However you want to drive, the Civic 5 door offers you the experience that suits you.

Top view of Honda Civic on location.

For enthusiasts of a manual transmission, the Civic 5-door has a wonderfully smooth 6-speed gearbox that guides you along all gears in a sporty and precise way.


We also have a new 7-speed CVT automatic for a more relaxed driving experience. A powerful and linear acceleration is what you get, and if you're really in a sporty mood you can use the switch flippers on the steering wheel to feel like you're in a race car. You can say it.

Side view of interior Honda Civic.

Your eyes and ears

Honda SENSING is a collection of advanced safety systems, designed to provide you and your passengers with safety on the road.

Three-quarters front view Honda Civic.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

If there is a risk of a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian, this system warns you of the danger and also reduces your speed to minimise the severity of a collision.

Lane Departure Warning

If you stray from your lane and cross a line without the direction indicator being activated, the system alerts you with an acoustic and visual signal.

Road Departure Mitigation

A camera attached to the windscreen detects whether the car is threatening to get off the road and uses electronic power steering to apply subtle corrections to keep your car on the road. In some cases, the system may also exert brake pressure.

Lane keeping Assist System

Helps you stay in the middle of your lane and reduces the need for steering corrections and driving efforts; it offers you a more relaxed driving experience, especially on the highway.

Road sign recognition

The road sign recognition system recognizes road signs and displays this information on a screen. Two road signs can be displayed at the same time.

Intelligent Speed Limiter

Intelligently combines the existing adjustable speed limiter with the road sign recognition system. It automatically adjusts the speed limit to the observation of the road sign recognition system.

intelligent-Adaptive Cruise Control

This system observes whether a vehicle in an adjacent lane intends to insert for you and adjusts your speed if necessary. It also helps you monitor the distance between you and the car in front of you so you don't have to adjust your speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control with automatic tracking at low speed

This feature maintains a set driving speed and a safe tracking distance relative to the vehicle in front of you. If the car in front stops, the system in turn brings your vehicle to a standstill without having to operate the brake pedal.


Feel connectedness

If you're in the Civic, you'll be a part of it right away.

Three-quarters front view Honda Civic. Rural location.

We have intensively researched and considered every part of the car to improve the manoeuvrability of the Civic. All these technical evolutions together have led to the new Civic - in our opinion the most successful and most sporty generation ever.

Under control

With its ergonomic seating position and new dual-tooth steering system, the Civic offers excellent feedback and control for a sublime driving experience.

Grip on the road

The suspension is configured for targeted and direct handling and is characterized by an independent multi-link system at the back and McPherson spring legs in front.

Top view Honda Civic. City location.
Interior photo of Honda Civic with dual tooth heugel steering system.